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Web Search

Right-click the Listary tray icon and go to Options -> Features -> Web Search

With the web search feature, you can use any internet search engine directly within Listary, bypassing the need to "manually open the browser, type the URL, type the query, and w...wait for it to load."

Type a keyword, such as g for Google, or choose from other website keywords to search specific sites. Listary will even show related search suggestions as you type.

Type the "website keyword" and press the Space key to launch the web search. Enter your query and hit Enter to see results in your default browser. Listary may offer search suggestions for some search engines, helping you quickly find what you're looking for.

Listary has some built-in web search:

Website KeywordWebsiteInstructionsNotes
gGoogleSearchprovides search suggestions
soStack OverflowSearch
bingBingSearchprovides search suggestions
bBaiduSearchprovides search suggestions
gmailGmailOpen Gmail
twitterTwitterOpen Twitter
mapsGoogle MapsSearch
facebookFacebookOpen Facebook

Some web content may need the user login.
Some websites might be redirected or restricted based on network connections, so please check it.

Click ➕ to add, ➖ to delete, and use the "Enable" checkbox to toggle web search. To modify, select the item and the related setting will appear below.

KeywordYesThe keyword to activate this web search.g
or any other characters
HotkeyNoKey combination to quickly activate this web search.Ctrl+G
TitleYesThe name of this web search engine. It will display on the left of the search bar.Google
or other names
UrlYesThe Url link of this web search engine. You must use the parameter {query} in the link to represent the search content.{query}
Suggestion provider-Choose which search engine's search suggestions to show.
  • None: No suggestions.
  • Google: Google's search suggestions.
  • Baidu: Baidu's search suggestions.
  • Bing: Bing's search suggestions.
  • Custom: use custom sources like API or JSON.
Supporting png, bmp, jpg, jpeg, ico formats.