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Right-click the Listary tray icon and go to Options -> Features -> Hotkey

For extreme efficiency, all Listary commands can be done via the keyboard. Hotkeys can help you avoid the operational costs of constantly switching between the mouse and keyboard.

Most hotkey combinations in Listary support customization. You can set hotkeys separately in the commands, web search, actions, and other functions. This page only explains the options in the Hotkey.

SettingDefault HotkeyFunction
Press Ctrl twice to show/hide ListaryCtrl + CtrlThis is the default activation hotkey for Listary, which doesn't conflict with most other software. You can also enable the "Disable for full-screen games and apps" option.
Show Listary\ Apart from double-clicking the Ctrl key, you can activate Listary with a custom hotkey. You can create an activation hotkey here if needed.
Quick SwitchCtrl+GSwitch to the recommended folder in the file dialog box (You can switch by clicking with the mouse in Listary V6).
Show popup menu\ Pop up the menu using a hotkey.
Next itemCtrl+NBrowse the next item during a search.
Previous itemCtrl+PBrowse the previous item during a search.
PreviewAlt+PPreview files during a search.
ActionsCtrl+OOpen the actions menu during a search.