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Hello everyone, Listary's Theme feature is now officially available! 🎉 There are now three modes available: "Light", "Dark", and "Follow System". If you're a Pro version user, you can upgrade your software and start using it right away! 🌙

Main Updates

  • New: Dark Theme

  • Improved: Display full path

Other Updates

  • Fixed: Fixed the issue where the mouse menu flickers or cannot be called out.
  • Removed: Removed the default "edit with Notepad++" action.
  • Improved: Improved the "Options".
  • Improved: Updated web search logos. (Thanks for the contribution of Diego_F)
  • Fixed: Fixed some minor issues, improving software stability and performance.

We are so excited to announce a new update for Listary with several exciting features and improvements.

Main Updates

  • New: Application Integration Plugins
  • New: WinRAR Integration
    • We provide WinRAR integration, based on the open mechanism, and plan to continue increasing the number of integrated applications with the help of the community.
  • New: “How to use Listary” Tutorial
    • We added an interactive tutorial to help users understand Listary's shortcut keys, search function, and folder Quick Switch feature.

Other Updates

  • Improved: Quick Switch now remains open.
  • Improved: Improve the stability of Ctrl-Ctrl.
  • Fixed: Fix incomplete action list in Options.

  • New: Use Full Pinyin to search for files and Fuzzy Full Pinyin to search for applications