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Changelog (May 6, 2024)

Listary has welcomed its biggest update in Version 6. Be sure to update and give it a try! 🎉

Main Updates

  • New: File Search Window

    • Larger Search Window, More Search Results See more search results at a glance and view millions of files with smooth scrolling.

    • New Sidebar for Simplified Filtering Pinpoint your search with advanced filters: easily sort by file type, date modified, and more with just one click.

    • Seamless Connection from Launcher to File Search Window Switch seamlessly between the File Search Window and the launcher with the Ctrl-Ctrl shortcut.

  • New: File Search Engine Faster and More Stable File Search Engine New file search engine based on Rust, improving performance by 20%-100%, while using less memory in most scenarios.

  • New Launcher UI UI Redesign: A Fresh, Windows 11-Inspired Look Enjoy a more intuitive interface that harmonizes with the modern desktop experience, enhancing your workflow with a touch of elegance.

Other Updates

  • New: Introduced support for Files (
  • New: Added OneCommander file manager support.
  • New: Added an option to "Start Listary when Windows starts".
  • New: Introduced a Listary diagnostic tool for troubleshooting issues such as program freezes and high CPU usage.
  • New: Added an index troubleshooting tool for fixing issues like missing files.
  • New: Introduced a new tutorial on how to open the file search window and launcher.
  • New: Added some URL schemas:
    • listary://show-file-search-window
    • listary://show-launcher
  • New: Added a 'Rebuild index' command.
  • New: User Documentation
  • Improved: Listary no longer triggers when pressing a leading space in file dialogs, enhancing compatibility with utilities like QuickLook.
  • Improved: Significantly enhanced the indexing mechanism for network drives and local folders.
    • Listary now automatically monitors changes, applicable to most NAS devices.
    • Prevents network indexes from rebuilding after startup.
  • Improved: If a folder was previously opened, it will not open in a new window again.
  • Improved: Programs opened with Listary no longer inherit environment variables.
  • Improved: Strengthened the reliability of settings storage.
  • Improved: Improved history stability.
  • Improved: Redesigned tray right click menu.
  • Improved: When typing directly to search in File Explorer, switch to English IME automatically.
  • Improved: Refined index priority handling for better result ranking and reduced memory usage.
  • Improved: Options
    • Updated Options UI to make it simpler.
    • Added support to disable the customized Listary Hotkey for full-screen games and apps.
    • Ability to adjust the order of filters.
    • I18n support for filters, custom command, web search and favorite(menu)
    • Option to hide system and hidden files by default in search results under Priorities.
    • Added a feedback button.
    • Beta label displayed after the version number.
  • Improved: UI Improvements
    • Added search tips.
    • Improved scrollbar style.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where Baidu search suggestions were not working.
  • Fixed: Issue where the 'Search for folders' filter setting could not be saved.
  • Fixed: Issue where specifying parent folder keywords did not work with drive letters.
  • Fixed: Fix support for WPS Sheets, Slides, PDF
  • Fixed: Fixed some known issues.

Hello everyone, Listary's Theme feature is now officially available! 🎉 There are now three modes available: "Light", "Dark", and "Follow System". If you're a Pro version user, you can upgrade your software and start using it right away! 🌙

Main Updates

  • New: Dark Theme

  • Improved: Display full path

Other Updates

  • Fixed: Fixed the issue where the mouse menu flickers or cannot be called out.
  • Removed: Removed the default "edit with Notepad++" action.
  • Improved: Improved the "Options".
  • Improved: Updated web search logos. (Thanks for the contribution of Diego_F)
  • Fixed: Fixed some minor issues, improving software stability and performance.

We are so excited to announce a new update for Listary with several exciting features and improvements.

Main Updates

  • New: Application Integration Plugins
  • New: WinRAR Integration
    • We provide WinRAR integration, based on the open mechanism, and plan to continue increasing the number of integrated applications with the help of the community.
  • New: “How to use Listary” Tutorial
    • We added an interactive tutorial to help users understand Listary's shortcut keys, search function, and folder Quick Switch feature.

Other Updates

  • Improved: Quick Switch now remains open.
  • Improved: Improve the stability of Ctrl-Ctrl.
  • Fixed: Fix incomplete action list in Options.

  • New: Use Full Pinyin to search for files and Fuzzy Full Pinyin to search for applications