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General Settings

Right-click the Listary tray icon and go to Options -> General

You can set up the following options:

  • Language: Change the display language for Listary. This change won't affect the language support for the search function.
  • Import Listary 5 Settings: If you have a backup file (in JSON format) for Listary 5, you can import it into Listary 6 after installation.
  • Reset Launcher Position: Resets the search bar to the default position.
  • Share Anonymous analytics data to help improve Listary: Listary will not collect sensitive personal data. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details. Information collected: system memory, display DPI, used features (count only, no details)
  • Check for Updates automatically/Check for Beta Updates: Check for new versions/new beta version automatically.
  • Open Folder With: Listary will use Windows File Explorer by default. If you prefer using a 3rd-party file manager, specify its path and launch parameters here. The default launch parameter is 1%.