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Install and Launch

Listary's core features are ready to use after installation. You can enjoy the convenience and speed of Listary without any additional setup.

Download and Installation

You can download the latest version of Listary here (Windows 7 and Windows XP users click here to download Listary 5).

After installation, you will be prompted to take a quick tour (only four steps, estimates 1 minute). It's highly recommended for new Listary users. You can access it later via the tray icon.

Launch Listary

You can use Listary in any of the following four ways:

🔷 Global Search

  • Press CTRL twice
  • Click the Listary tray icon

🔷 Quick Switch (Search within Windows File Dialog)

  • Listary's quick switch window will automatically pop up when you open a Windows File Dialog.

🔷 Search within Windows File Explorer

  • Type directly in Windows File Explorer to search using Listary.

🔷 Use Popup Menu within Windows File Explorer

  • Mouse Double-click in empty area
  • Mouse middle-click

Besides Windows File Explorer, Listary also supports 3rd-party file managers. Please refer to integration for details.


You can modify Listary's launch hotkeys in hotkeys.