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Changelog (beta) (beta)

Discussions: 中文更新日志及讨论:

  • New: Added a preview pane to the file search window for easier browsing.
  • New: Introduced a new tutorial on how to open the file search window and launcher.
  • New: Added an index troubleshooting tool for fixing issues like missing files.
  • Improved: Drastically reduced memory usage during the index-building phase, cutting down peak memory use by about 70%, and enhanced overall performance.
  • Improved: Enhanced the responsiveness of displaying file search results.
  • Improved: Clicking the tray icon now reopens an already open file search window instead of opening a new one.
  • Improved: Programs opened with Listary no longer inherit environment variables.
  • Improved: Refined the UI of the file search window for a better user experience.
  • Improved: Strengthened the reliability of settings storage.
  • Fixed: Corrected some cases where high-priority rules were applied incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Resolved crashes caused by race conditions upon exiting Listary.
  • Fixed: Addressed various index-related crashes. (beta)

Discussions: 中文更新日志及讨论:

  • New: Completely reimplemented result sorting. It should feel smarter, more natural, and more reliable.
  • New: Support action hotkeys like Ctrl+Enter in file search window.
  • New: Drag support in file search window.
  • New: Added history support to file search window. After opening a file from the file search window, you can quickly find it again in the launcher by typing just a few letters of its name.
  • New: Added some URL schemas:
    • listary://show-file-search-window
    • listary://show-launcher
  • New: Open file search window when clicking Listary shortcuts if it's already running.
  • Improved: Improved High index priority sorting.
  • Improved: Improved history stability.
  • Improved: Reduced memory usage.
  • Improved: Redesigned tray right click menu.
  • Improved: Updated Options UI to make it simpler.
  • Improved: Refined Launcher UI.
  • Improved: When typing directly to search in File Explorer, switch to English IME automatically.
  • Fixed: Various index related issues. (beta)

  • New: File search window now remembers its size and column width.
  • New: Added a 'Rebuild index' command.
  • Improved: Refined index priority handling for better result ranking and reduced memory usage.
  • Improved: Further increased search performance.
  • Fixed: Issue where the 'Search for folders' filter setting could not be saved.
  • Fixed: Issue where specifying parent folder keywords did not work with drive letters. (beta)

img_v2_d02d2330-cd22-4803-af39-3c2e01c347eg|633x500, 100%


  • Improved: Enhanced performance of the File Search Window.
  • New: Added a left-sidebar in the File Search Window to filter search results
    • Ability to filter by both built-in and customized filters.
    • Option to filter by Date Modified.
    • Toggle feature to include low-priority files in searches.
  • Improved: Enhanced User Experience for File Search Window Activation
    • Use Ctrl-Ctrl to switch between the File Search Window and the Launcher.
    • Use ESC to close the File Search Window.
    • Added a shortcut in the Launcher for easy access to the File Search Window.
  • Improved: Options
    • Added support to disable the customized Listary Hotkey for full-screen games and apps.
    • Ability to adjust the order of filters.
    • I18n support for filters, custom command, web search and favorite(menu)
    • Option to hide system and hidden files by default in search results under Priorities.
    • Added a feedback button.
    • Beta label displayed after the version number.
  • Improved: UI Improvements
    • Added search tips.
    • Improved scrollbar style.
  • Fix: large window may flicker when query changed (beta)

  • New: Add right-click menu support in File Search Window
  • New: Add path search support back to the new search engine
  • Improved: Optimize file search speed
  • Fixed: Fix support for WPS Sheets, Slides, PDF
  • Fixed: Fix other bugs of the new search engine (beta)

Main Updates

  • New: File Search Window
    • Larger Search Window, More Search Results img_v2_d02d2330-cd22-4803-af39-3c2e01c347eg|633x500, 100% No longer limited to only displaying 9 results per page, the new design uses smaller fonts and a larger window, allowing you to see more search results at a glance. Also, no longer limited to displaying just 50 search results—now you can view millions of files with smooth scrolling.
    • Seamless Connection from Launcher to File Search Window img_v2_e1256875-d76f-4955-9a32-9d7e06df0e1g|528x500 You can easily switch between the launcher and the file search window! Specifically, after entering your search term in the launcher, simply click the button in the top-right corner to transfer the query to the newly opened file search window.
    • Support for Multiple Search Windows, Hotkey Launching img_v2_29358334-52b3-4cae-a9b0-960d061e90dg|671x500 You can open multiple Listary file search windows at once. This way, you can search for multiple different files without having to close the search window. To make operations more convenient, the search window also supports launching via Hotkeys. You can customize this in the "Options" to better suit your usage habits.
    • More Features are Under Development... preview|690x388 Filters, saved search, search history, previews, and other features are in development. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them with us. We will consider your opinions carefully and share our development roadmap.
  • Update: File Search Engine
    • Faster and More Stable File Search Engine Our development team rewrote a new search engine based on Rust, improving performance by 20%-100%, while using less memory in most scenarios.
    • Multiple Search-Related Bugs Fixed All past bugs related to the search engine have been resolved, such as not being able to find files, inability to ignore all files in multi-layer folders, etc.
  • New: User Documentationdocs|690x451 We have written user docs based on Version 6. You can view it at
  • Update: Rounded Corners for the Launcher Interface

Other Updates

  • Improvement: Enhanced Reliability for Saving Configuration Files

Hello everyone, Listary's Theme feature is now officially available! 🎉 There are now three modes available: "Light", "Dark", and "Follow System". If you're a Pro version user, you can upgrade your software and start using it right away! 🌙

Main Updates

  • New: Dark Theme

  • Improved: Display full path

Other Updates

  • Fixed: Fixed the issue where the mouse menu flickers or cannot be called out.
  • Removed: Removed the default "edit with Notepad++" action.
  • Improved: Improved the "Options".
  • Improved: Updated web search logos. (Thanks for the contribution of Diego_F)
  • Fixed: Fixed some minor issues, improving software stability and performance.

We are so excited to announce a new update for Listary with several exciting features and improvements.

Main Updates

  • New: Application Integration Plugins
  • New: WinRAR Integration
    • We provide WinRAR integration, based on the open mechanism, and plan to continue increasing the number of integrated applications with the help of the community.
  • New: “How to use Listary” Tutorial
    • We added an interactive tutorial to help users understand Listary's shortcut keys, search function, and folder Quick Switch feature.

Other Updates

  • Improved: Quick Switch now remains open.
  • Improved: Improve the stability of Ctrl-Ctrl.
  • Fixed: Fix incomplete action list in Options.

  • New: Use Full Pinyin to search for files and Fuzzy Full Pinyin to search for applications